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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Google calendar should be used for reserving the spectrometer time. In making reservations, make sure that you follow the rules:


8:00 AM-9:00 PM, 2hrs per user (max 3hrs if evening hours are included)

Weekday reservations can be made only after 4:00 pm of the previous day.

Weeknights and Weekends:

One night or weekend slot per user

Weeknight and Weekend reservations may be made any time after Monday (9:00 am) of the current week.


Avoid cancellations. If it is absolutely necessary, cancel well in advance.


A time slot will be considered unreserved only at the starting time of the slot. You are welcome to use these time slots without causing any inconvenience to other users.

Weekend and Weeknights:

After you start your experiment, somebody who has not used the quota comes and wants to use the instrument you must complete your experiment within a reasonable amount of time and allow him/her to use the spectrometer.


Only short runs are allowed in unreserved time slots.

As a general courtesy to other users, start and finish your experiment in the time reserved. No-shows after 15 minutes will be considered cancellations and time slot opened for use on first-come-first-serve basis.